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KAM LI YEE STEFANIE:Counter-terrorism cooperation between


Kam Li Yee is an Associate Research Fellow at the S. RajaratnamSchool of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore Nanyang Technological University, and a PhD student at the National Security College, Australian National University.

HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition Concludes with Business Fest in Beijing


After rounds of intense contests starting from May 15, the HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition (HICOOL) concludes on September 12 in Beijing.

Di Gambar ini, Apa Yang Pertama Anda Lihat?

08-22 — Silahkan simak gambar di atas, kemudian cek artinya seperti ini. Ok. Apakah yang Anda lihat, pertama kali di gambar di atas? Jika melihat sebuah gambar ini. Artinya adalah

Chinese Truck Driver Sped for Kilometers in a Soon-to-explode Truck Receiving a FAW J7 after Narrow Escape


According to Chinese media reports, on July 14, 2020, a thrilling scene was staged in Xinmin City Liaoning China: a burning extended truck rushed out from near a gas station, whistling across the street into the distance. The truck body was almost completely swallowed by the big fire, as flames blazed up to more than 2 meters high, seeming to explode at any time. A few minutes later, the truck exp

BiteEx attracts millions of users


BiteEx platform attracts millions of users worldwide with great advantages Today's digital money market is not what it used to be. Users around the world are flocking to the digital money market. More and more trading platforms are entering the public eye.

Dr. Anat Hochberg – Marom : International counter-terrorism situation and China's counter-terrorism policy


Anat Hochberg-Marom:But first, let’s go to the root causes, let’s go deeper into the current underlying platform,It’s not only what the authority do, It’s not the way the Chinese act, but how it is translated by the outside world.In fact, the West does not understand what happened in Xinjiang.

Yutong Holds Online Live-Show to Decode 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility for Global Viewers


On September 8 2020, Yutong officially unveiled its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution at its namesake launching ceremony. One day later, at 6pm on September 9, Yutong brought intelligent technologies in a live-show on SNS. Yutong showcased its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution and unveiled a series of intelligent IoT technologies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yutong’s internatio

Fincy Dapatkan Suntikan Dana 11 Juta US Dollar dari GBCI


Berdasarkan berbagai media internasional seperti Business Times dan Entrepreneur, perusahaan startup di bidang FinTech asal Singapora, Fincy, mendapatkan suntikan dana sebesar 11 juta US Dollar dari perusaahan induk GBCI, guna mendukung perkembangan layanan teknis dan pasar Fincy di Asia Tenggara. Perusahaan Fincy juga menambahkan bahwa, selain suntikkan dana, perusahaan mereka pun akan menyelesai

If you like sports watches, you'll love this gorgeous Davis Elvin


The Y-generation prefers trendy and cool watches, better with technological materials to demonstrate their unique personality end taste. Light in weight, unique in texture, carbon fiber is definitely a hot star in recent years. Carbon fiber has caught my eyes on an exhibition, suitable for young watch fans who like fashion and sports style.

Muhammad Tahir Khan:China is the most trusted countryin Afghanistan


Muhammad Tahir Khan,started Journalism Career in 1990 as a reporter at the private news agency Pakistan Press International (PPI) in Islamabad. He is presently the editor of Pakistan’s leading news agency, the News Network International, (NNI) in Islamabad a member from the media of the Pakistan-Afghan Track-II dialogue known as Beyond Boundaries and frequently visit Afghanistan. 2013-2015 worked

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